Dance for Refugees

IADMS's Refugee Dance and Mental Health Statement

War in general, including the war in Ukraine, has adverse mental and physical health effects on individuals and communities. IADMS supports the global dance communities as they navigate the direct and indirect effects of armed conflict, displacement, and uncertainty. The mission of IADMS guides all of us with the overarching purpose of supporting the dance community and promoting well-being.

Dance is more than an art form! It is a universal and multi-layered language that also serves as a channel for self-expression and connectedness with others, which can be protective against traumatic stress. As a dance community, we can share our resilient spirit, even during the atrocities of war.

We make this statement with the aim of providing pathways to helpful resources to the global dance community affected by war. We encourage everyone to reach out with kindness and support to dancers, their families, and caregivers as they face turmoil, devastation, persecution, and displacement.